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Hanmi Ho created many enemies by sleeping with the men of her acquaintances. When they had the chance, her enemies lured her into an unused part of the warehouse to get their revenge.
Araceli and Victoria overpowered her, took off her top exposing her tits and tied her hands behind her back. They led her into a room with a noose hanging in plain site prepared for her. As she walked into the room she saw a video camera set up on a tri-pod and a few chairs set up for a perfect view in front of the noose.
Seated in the chairs were Martha, Denise, and Therese- all smiling with anticipation. They also invited someone named Hangnude from DeviantArt (they told Hangnude this was just a photo shoot).
Therese was delighted to see the look on Hanmi Ho's face as she gazed at the noose she was about to be put in. She just loved it when the victim gets to see their noose for the first time. Denise was also thrilled, she said "get that bitch in the noose." Araceli and Victoria with the help of Hangnude placed her in the noose and took off the rest of her clothes.
Hanmi Ho stood there in her noose looking around the room, looking at the video camera, then realized she was going to be hanged naked in front of her enemies!
Martha then spoke, she said "Hangnude, Hanmi Ho told me that you're a racist because all of your manips are white girls; you should prove you are not racist by fucking this Asian bitch." Hangnude thought this was all part of an act, so he had sex with her while she was held by the noose- to the delight of everyone. Denise then said, "This will make the snuff video sell a lot better!"
They rose up the noose and made Hanmi Ho stand on a cinder block. Martha and Victoria then stood in front of her taking in the wonderful site of Hanmi Ho in her thick rope noose about to be hanged. Martha said, "How does it feel now that you are about to be hanged naked in front of all your enemies? Ever since you fucked my man I have been waiting for this moment. I want it to last- but I guess we can watch the video over and over again. We'll make some great money on it too selling it to the snuff film market- you are going to be famous!"
Victoria looked at her naked body up-and-down standing firm in the noose. She said, "I can see how my man wanted to fuck you with your hot body, he told me your were a great dick-sucker too, don't worry, I'll take care of that now that you are gone." She then kicked the cinder block over, hanging her.
Everyone gasped at first as Hanmi Ho swinged back and forth, struggling with the ropes that tied her hands. Hanmi Ho's eyes were wide open just looking at everyone as she hanged. Then, they all started laughing and yelling at her "bitch, whore." Best not to cross women, they are a vengeful bunch!
(Manip and story by request)
SPECIAL thanks to Hanmiho! Check out her link: [link]
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Denskne Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014
Love these. 
Let the bitch dangle. 
russellcattle Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012
Hanmi Ho is very beautiful. I would not have hanged her. In the Western tradition, according to Blackstone's Commentary on the Laws of England, hanging a woman is indecent. It isn't proper to have a woman dangling where men can look up between her legs.

No, the proper method of execution for women, according to Blackstone, is burning at the stake.

You can still tie her hands behind her back using that method.
Hangnaked Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012
Thanks for your comment. Well, she is wearing panties which I think takes care of the decency issue. I think hanging was appropriate for her because her enemies wanted to see her hot body on display, because she used her body to entice some of their men to sleep with her. Hanging her is the best way to see her completely on display which is what they wanted to see. If you look at the image on the left with her hands tied behind her back, she can't hide anything. The noose limits her movement and makes her stand stretching out her figure very nicely. I guess we'll have to respectfully disagree! I think hanging someone naked is a great method.
russellcattle Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012
We do not disagree since I am fairly persuaded by your reasoning. All things taken into consideration, yes, hanging was the proper choice for this lady.

I take it that we both agree when the hangee drops, it should not be out of sight into some recess below the trapdoor, since her body is not available for display. It makes me think it is preferable to raise a noosed lass with a winch, Middle Eastern-style, to effect a hanging, rather than use scaffolds with trapdoors.

You make such a good case I wonder now if there is any OTHER method, ever, that is more appropriate for the punishment of females. Are there? Perhaps there are, when the important consideration is not the display of the female, but rather the nature of torment she feels from being executed that way.
Hangnaked Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012
Great point, this hanging would definitely be a "short drop" not a big trap-door gallows affair. I think it's best to keep it simple, so a winch and all those fancy mechanisms are not needed. A rope noose secured to a beam and a chair is all you need. You can do the whole thing for $25.00. Or, use my favorite, a cinder block on edge; it raises her up enough- they cost about a dollar!
I think the audience likes the drama of kicking the chair/block that she is standing on. This method also provides a swinging effect that the crowd always likes.
Hanging women naked is really the best method for punishment. It's great because it can also be used for interrogation (you don't have to hang them every time). Most women standing naked with a think rope noose securely around their neck, struggling to keep their balance on a cinder block, tend to answer any question you ask truthfully, knowing they are only seconds away from being hanged at any moment. The other advantage is while she is secured in the noose naked, it gives the hangman an opportunity to have sex with her. As you can see, this method works great for many reasons.
russellcattle Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012
In one district, the standard punishment for women like Hanmi Ho, who have sex with another woman's man, is called "The Walk of Shame".

Instead of having the noosed woman stand on a cinder block, she stands on one of those motorized exercise treadmills. The machine is started, and she must begin walking or else she will fall with the rope around her neck and her hands tied behind her back.

People like to watch this, because not only do they see the woman's naked body, but also how her hips sway as she walks. (She wears very high heels when she is on the treadmill.)

At first the treadmill is set to a slow speed, but then it speeds up. Sometimes the speed gets faster, sometimes it gets set back to a slower speed. Sometimes it comes to a sudden stop. The woman has to keep up with the machine no matter what speed it is going. If she stumbles, that often tightens the noose around her neck and it is impossible for her to loosen it again. It is also hard to stand up after one falls, especially in those high heels.

Then after she has been walking a while, a man above works a winch to start to lift her a little. She tries to walk or run on the treadmill on her tiptoes, but this is nearly impossible to do. When she is lifted completely off the treadmill, the treadmill is rolled out of the way, and the crowd is invited to get up and circle around her closely, and stroke her bare skin with their hands as she perishes. Usually the last thing she feels is someone stroking her breasts or nipples, or someone groping her between her legs. But sometimes the angry women whose husbands she seduced have been known to put out their cigarettes on her body while she is still alive and struggling.
Hangnaked Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012
You know what, I think this method will work!
Knotfever Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012
Hanmi Ho, you should have never messed with another woman's man! A woman will forgive a man sometimes for that, but they will KILL a woman for that! *shakes head slowly*
Hangnaked Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012
Right you are about that, women are vindictive, I guess that's why they hanged her.
hanmiho Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2012
As I already told you, privately, these are simply AWESOME!! Thank you, thank you, more than words can say!!
Hangnaked Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2012
Great, glad you liked it.
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